#LRRIT Weekly Roundup

Tonight the fabulous Mariah MacCarthy makes full-length magic . Today we round up the last two weeks, in which Natalie Wilson had a home-run of a reading with Sweethearts of Swing.


1. Guacamole parties. Who doesn’t love a good avocado?  We think every summer party should be a guacamole party.

2. The last two weeks. Let’s never stop making plays. Forever and ever and ever more plays. Full-length round two has officially kicked off with a couple of bangs.

3. This quote from feedback last week: “putting that onstage took balls…and by balls, I mean eyeballs.”

4. Theatre in apartments. Mariah MacCarthy. We like your theatre in apartments.

5. Cute dog pictures. These dogs cannot handle how awesome our plays are. 


1. Twitter hacking.  Your bikini-fat-burning Twitter DMs are a scam and a a lie!

2. VICE Magazine’s bizarre spread on women writer suicides. Can we get the history eraser, please, and keep everyone involved from making such bad decisions?

3. Loud people. Stay away from our reading bar on Tuesday nights! We are misanthropes who like to hear things!

4. Daily rain.  You thought it would be sunny. It is! It’s also thunderstorming on your head.

5. The subway. Literally. Every time. Gotta rinse that summer subway grime.

Tune in later this week for Mariah M.’s #selfie interview, with deep and profound questions by Natalie W.


lather, rinse, repeat


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